Southwest® Fence and Supply Question and Answer

Southwest® Fence and Supply installs barb wire fencing, fixed knot fencing for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, deer, predator fencing, hinge knot fencing and welded pipe rail with non-climb or without. Southwest® Fence and Supply installs corrals, pens, lead ups and load outs, arenas, roping chutes, boxes and shade structures.

Southwest® Fence and Supply is unique because it has 2 patented products and 1 patent pending product available only thru Southwest® Fence and Supply. Those 3 products are the basis for a true suspension fencing system which does not require the use of tposts. We have a patented brace system, a patented fence stay, and a patent pending fence hanger post which utilizes curly connectors, developed by Chris Hanneken, Southwest® Fence and Supply, welded to the post. The connector/hanger allows the wire to move freely. The stays allow the fence to maintain its tension and the braces securely anchor the fence with little to no movement over time even in adobe ground.

Suspension fencing allows a fence to maintain tension and span greater areas without the use of vertical supports such as t-posts at 8 to 10 foot centers. 40 feet
between vertical supports can be spanned with suspension fencing. Southwest® Suspension Fencing is unique because the structural components are all designed
and fabricated by Southwest® Fence and Supply. The system is patent pending and products are only available thru Southwest® Fence and Supply or an authorized licensee or dealer.

Southwest® Fence and Supply developed a 5 piece brace that is driven into the ground. There are 2 end posts, 2 diagonal rods and a horizontal beam. The end
posts vary in size from 2 7/8 to 4” and are driven a minimum of 4’ deep. The diagonal rods are driven thru a channel in the end posts at a minimum of 6’ deep.
There is a set bolt on the rods that is tightened when they reach the desired depth. The horizontal beam has tabs that fit thru slots on the end posts and are bent
to secure the beam. Installation can take as little as 15 minutes per brace with no concrete or welding. So no packing concrete into rough country and no fire

The fence stay is a wire spacer and tensioner. It is easily installed and removed- about 30 seconds per stay to install.

The fence stay is made of HDPE. It is black and comes in 36” and 42” lengths. The stay has a lifetime warranty and is fire resistant.

The Southwest® Fence and Supply Superstay – 36” and 42” lengths. Bundles of 50.

The Southwest® Fence and Supply Stockman Brace- various sizes. Green or uncoated oil field pipe.

The Southwest® Fence and Supply SuperConnector Fence Hanger Post.

The Southwest® Fence and Supply Stockman BarbWire gate kit.

The Southwest® Fence and Supply Ranger Gate.

Custom fabrications on cattle guards and gates.

Custom entries.

Cedar pickets


Specification development

Design and installation

Our office is located in Paso Robles CA and our yard and crew operate out of Patterson.

Southwest® Fence and Supply actually started back in the 70’s when the Hanneken family developed these products to use on their own ranches in the midwest.
Southwest® Fence and Supply started as a sole proprietorship in CA in the 80’s and became a corporation in 1997. It has been doing business as a corp for 23

Contact Chris Hanneken at 805-635-4939,

Monique Hanneken at 805-635-4940

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