Helix Hanger

The Helix Hanger is a fence hanger post which utilizes what SWF calls “Superconnectors,” welded to line and/or stress posts. The connector/hanger allows the wire to move freely.

40 years plus proven performance.
Outstanding installation crews.
Aesthetically pleasing.
Minimal long-term maintenance.

What We Do

Helix Hanger Distribution & Custom Installations

The Superconnector post lets you eliminate tposts and put your supports up to 40 foot on center with the use of the Superstay at 10 foot on center.

Trusted Brands & Partners

In addition to the proprietary products we offer, we are also a dealer. Making us your one stop shop when it comes to ranch fencing.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

What We Do

Manufacture, Distribution & Custom Installations

We offer solutions to the problems inherent to convention styles and techniques of fencing.

Save money with simple to install products and a lifetime guarantee.

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