Who We Are

Our Products

We developed our products on our own ranch in the early 1970’s in an effort to solve the problems we faced with fencing materials and maintenance.

We are proud to say that the products we manufacture and distribute today will last you a lifetime. We even guarantee it.

Proprietary Products

Southwest® Fence and Supply has developed several proprietary,  products. The core products are the Superstay,  the Superconnector post and the all-driven Superbrace.

Available as stand alone products, they also work together to make the Southwest® Fence and Supply Suspension Fencing System.

Other products available but not yet pictured are the Southwest® Fence and Supply Ranger Gate and BarbWire Gate kits.

Helix Hanger

The helix hanger is a fence hanger post which utilizes
what SWF calls “Superconnectors,” welded to line and/or stress posts. The connector/hanger allows the wire to move freely.


The fence stay is a wire spacer and tensioner. The Superstay allows the high tensile wire to hold tension under a variety of damage scenarios and is more than simply a wire placeholder. The stay has a lifetime warranty and is fire resistant.


Southwest Fence and Supply developed a 5 piece
brace that is driven into the ground. There are 2 end posts,  2 diagonal rods and a horizontal beam. The Superbrace stays put in all kinds of ground conditions with no welding and no concrete. Installation can take as little as 15 minutes per brace.

Installation Videos


Dealer Products

In addition to the proprietary products we offer, we are also a dealer. Making us your one stop shop when it comes to ranch fencing.

We also sell animal handling fabs, cattle guards and cedar pickets.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

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